The key for a successful wedding is the entertainment, you have to choose a DJ able to involve and make sure all your guests have a great time. Every year I make people who reach Italy to celebrate their events from all over the world dance. This lets me know different cultures and in the meanwhile, this lets me know which are the music taste and traditional songs from a lot of countries. My strong point is to offer a dance party custom made according to the client and his musical taste: from international pop to funk, from swing to folk, from past hits to today hits. The music selection is totally of your discretion. We can decide it with a personal meeting or a skype call. If you prefer to trust me for the playlist, it’s enough to give me some suggestions about your musical taste and then I'll create for you your personal selection. During you event I can take care also for the other ‘music zones’ (aperitif, dinner…) with specific playlists to create the right atmosphere. In addition, I can provide all the technical equipment (audio &light) you need for your event. Take a look at the section dedicated.